Hey there, I’m Miller. I’m a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Strategist + Consultant + Speaker


Miller (Pronouns: They/Them/Their), is a social entrepreneur, foodie, and world traveler who enjoys connecting who enjoys connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. They are a dynamic creative strategist, equity - inclusion - diversity (EDI) consultant, public speaker, and event host that uses their ability to relate to others to engage audiences and convey powerful and relevant messages.

Over the last ten years they have held leadership and executive roles in both the nonprofit and corporate sectors, and is a passionate advocate for empowering others through personal and professional development. They are a trained youth, teen, and adult learning facilitator and inspirational speaker.

A dedicated and accomplished professional with fifteen years of experience leading high performing teams and navigating the complexities of work centered in equity and inclusion in professional and personal spaces. Miller has twelve years of experience creating and implementing leadership development and training within non-profit and corporate work spaces. They have extensive experience in facilitating and leading courageous conversations - holding space to respectfully navigate ambiguity and charged topics.

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“Diversity should only

come before inclusion (& equity)

in the dictionary.”

~ Miller


Miller has been known for building effective teams, human resource management, and guiding leaders through EID strategies. Outstanding at creating welcoming and inclusive environments, cultivating professional relationships, and effectively guiding organizations through change management. With a proven track record of strengthening financial performance and operational effectiveness of at risk organizations.

They have a passion for empowering underestimated communities by helping to create resources that uplift the voices of and ensure positive visibility for its members. Miller is committed to using their knowledge, background, and lived experiences as a catalyst to influence positive change, eliminate barriers, provide access, and improve overall inclusion efforts.

Much love,