Have you spent a good amount of time wondering how to make your work profitable?

Whether you’re a painter, dj, dance teacher, tea maker, shirt maker, boutique owner or producer supplier there’s a key formula that you need in order to shift from solely producing out of passion to generating consistent income (where you actually yield a profit you can take home).

I imagine that you’re probably tired and a bit frustrated trying to put together all the complicated steps and funnels and ads in order to attract customers and make sales. And just when you think you’ve got it figured out - here’s comes one more expert with another strategy proven to work.

You spend countless hours learning new method only to feel like you are one month behind on all the work you need to keep your current business afloat.

So I know one more “strategy” program is the last thing you’re looking for. My work as a Creative Sales & Customer Acquisition Strategist is hands on. I bring my process into your business so that we can create a plan tailored to the needs of your business.

We look at four critical areas of your business:



Leader & Customer Service Strategy

Sales Planning & Strategy

to identify areas of opportunities for growth, create simple systems for more effective work processes and a plan to sell your product/service for the month,quarter and year.